Christina Ng

Growth @ Mashape.com

Talk to me about Startups, Food, and Travel.


I work at Mashape, an API marketplace for the consumption, collaboration, monetization and distribution of both private and public APIs. I meddle with everything Growth, Analytics, UX, inbound/ outbound marketing and a little bit of everything else.


I blog semi-regularly on Quora and Medium about my learnings from my job and life experiences. These spaces give me the opportunity to share tips I've picked up along the way.

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I love travelling, and enjoy meeting new people. I'm excited when I discover new places to visit, and currently have too many bucket list trips planned. I'd be more than happy to play host if you're in town.

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I'm passionate about food, and love trying different cuisines. I have a weakness for Japanese food, oysters, paella and pudding. My dream is to go to culinary school one day and learn proper cooking techniques.